Thursday, February 17, 2011

MX Graphics

If girls obsess themselves with nothing but with themselves alone, guys get themselves addicted to cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Motorcycles are what usually teen-age guys have since it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying even a second hand car. Have you noticed how they treat those motorcycles? They dress it up as if they’re going to get married someday.

Aside from having a motorcycle of their own, they also tune in to the latest races. Motocross is the most exciting motorcycle race for them. Not only do they keep themselves with motocross, they’re also like a walking motocross graphics.
What are motocross graphics? These are items you put up in your motorcycle in order to improve its exterior. If you want to stand out with your flashy motocross bike, you better have your motocross graphics kit prepared.

How do you get started with your motocross graphics kit? Check your bike first if it already needs some make-over. Next, remove the old, scrapping graphics. Using a heat gun or hair dryer will make it easier for you to remove. You can use contact cleaners or methylated spirits if some plastics can’t be separated from the plastics.

After cleaning the plastics, you’re now ready to put up your new motocross graphics. Hair dryers will come in handy by heating up the plastics of your bike. Make sure you put your stickers flatly on the plastic. Take note of the holes and cutouts, too. If you’ve already put them all up, make sure you’ve taken out all air bubbles by using your hair dryer. By heating, the sticker attaches more to the plastic. You can just use a pin if there are some air bubbles that you can’t get rid of.If you want, you can also use soapy water before putting up the stickers.

Motocross Graphics

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